Phases of Wealth Management

Phase 1:

  • A: Understanding your worth
  • B: How to realize the difference between internal and external rate of return
  • C: Saving vs Investing vs "Gambling"
  • D: Three Buckets of Taxation
  • E: Utilizing the power of time and compounding

Phase 3:
Increase and Preserve Wealth

  • A: Frequently evaluate plan
  • B: Monitor, and mitigate risk
  • C: Create an Extended Health Care Plan
  • D: Adjust strategies as needed

Phase 2:
Design and build your wealth plan

  • A: Where am I now, where do I want to go?
  • B: Identify your wealth potential
  • C: Tax-Efficiency Analysis
  • D: Asset Diversification
  • E: Create Investment Policy
  • F: Take Action

Phase 4:
Distribution, Estate and Legacy Planning

  • A: Ensure your Standard of Living is properly funded for life
  • B: Focus on Estate Tax Strategies to mitigate loss after death
  • C: Unify team of advisors
  • D: Make sure all necessary documents are in place
  • E: Oversee a seamless transfer of assets